Parent/Guardian FAQs

  • What is The OpinionPanel Community?

    The OpinionPanel Community is an online market research panel aimed at young people aged 13 – 30. We pay our panellists to give their opinions on various topics via surveys and other research opportunities.

    Your child has requested to join, but before they do, we need consent from their parent / guardian because they are under 16. This is a requirement of the Market Research Society in their Guidelines for Research with Children and Young People.

  • What happens to the information my child gives?

    All the information your child provides is kept anonymous and confidential. We never pass on their personal details to any third parties, and never expose members to advertising and marketing or attempt to sell them any products or services.

    The purpose of the opinions your child shares with us during surveys, is to help researchers understand:

    Advertising, Audience Measurement, Behavioural Analysis, Behavioural Change, Brands, Communications/PR, Competitive Intelligence, Concept Testing, Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Emerging Markets, Employment issues, Events, Media, Opinions, Packaging/Design, Pricing, Product Testing, Reputations, Social Media, Social Networking, Social Research, Trends, Usage & Attitudes

  • Why are we asking for consent from the parent / guardian?

    We require your consent as this is a requirement of the Market Research Society for anyone who is 13-15 and wants to join and take part in research. We also wish to reassure parents that we are a legitimate research agency that values our members and rewards them for their opinions.

    We believe that informed respondents and family members will mean better research, which is vital to us and our clients.

  • What topics could my child be asked about?

    Your child could be asked about anything that comes under the banner of market research. Typical topics include:

    Accountancy, Agriculture, Automotive, Being young, Catering/Hospitality, Charities/Voluntary, Computers – hardware and software, Consumer goods, Drinks (Non-alcoholic), Durables/White goods, Education/Training, Electrical Goods, Energy, Engineering, Entertainment, Home life / lifestyle, Insurance, Internet, Legal, Media, Nutrition, Pets, Politics, Public Services, Relationships, Retail, Social Media, Sponsorship, Sport/Leisure/Arts, Telecommunications, Toiletries/Beauty Products, Toys/Games, Transportation, Travel/Tourism, Wellness/Fitness

  • What topics WON’T my child be asked about?

    We never ask our 13-15 members questions on topics that aren’t age-appropriate or that are likely to frighten or distress them. We will not be working for the promoters of, or lobbyists for services or products and services that are illegal for under 16s. Some topics that we exclude from their surveys include:

    Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Gambling, Topics relating to racial, religious and similar socially or politically sensitive matters, Topics concerning sexual activities, Topics about socially unacceptable activities

  • What safeguarding measurements do you have in place for my child?

    The safety and security of your child is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we make sure all research opportunities are age-appropriate and anonymous.

    Also, we never supply our members’ personal details to any third parties. We never expose members to advertising or marketing, or attempt to sell them any products or services.

  • How long does a survey take?

    Our online surveys typically last from around 5 to 15 minutes but we try and keep them shorter for under–16s.

    We always indicate how long a survey is likely to take in the survey invite email/text.

  • What if my child does not want to take part?

    Every survey is optional, no survey is compulsory. Members may unsubscribe from The OpinionPanel Community at any time. There are unsubscribe links with every invite, within every survey and once logged in to The OpinionPanel Community website.

  • Is my child rewarded for taking part?

    Yes! On completing the sign-up process, your child will be eligible to take part in research opportunities and credited with 1000 points which is worth £10 in credits towards shopping vouchers. Every time your child takes part in an online research project, they will earn points which will be added to their credit total.  They typically get 100 (£1) to 400 (£4) points per survey dependent on survey length.  1 point is worth 1 penny, so 1000 points = £10.

    Once they have reached 2500 points (£25), we’ll send them a code which they use to redeem shopping vouchers in our Rewards Centre. Vouchers on offer include Amazon, Top Shop,Top Man, Sports Direct, Starbucks, New Look, Shuh, Boots, Currys PC world, Super Dry, Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, iTunes, House of Fraser, Pizza Express, Miss Selfridge, Ted Baker, M&S, Burton, Harvey Nichols, Ticketmaster, Pizza Hut, T.K. Maxx, Toys R Us, Virgin Experience Days, Cineworld, John Lewis, Zizzi and more!

    Occasionally we offer research opportunities to take part in online communities, online discussion groups, uploading video logs etc. These often earn higher rewards (e.g. £50) which are often paid instantly via PayPal.

  • Who runs / owns The OpinionPanel Community?

    The Opinionpanel Community (OPC) is part of Savanta Group Ltd (company no: SC 281 352), a privately-owned market research agency. OpinionPanel and Savanta are Company Partners of the Market Research Society. The OpinionPanel Community has run continuously since 2004 and is the UK’s largest youth market research panel, with over 80,000 members. We have paid out millions of pounds worth of vouchers to our panellists.

  • How does my child take part in surveys?

    They will be notified via email (or text if they have opted for mobile surveys) when a survey is available for them. They then click through to the online survey, for example, and answer the questions. Surveys may contain techniques that relate to:

    Brainstorming, Co-creation, Creative development research, Crowd-sourcing, Customer Communities, Data Analytics, Data Fusion, Data Mining, Depth Interviews, Diary Studies, Ethnography, Group Discussions/Focus Groups, Mystery Shopping, New Product Development, Online Communities


  • I need to update my details

    You can easily update your details by logging in to your account, going to the ‘Profile & Surveys’ tab, and clicking on the ‘Update my details’ section.

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