• Why have I been screened out?

    Unfortunately, screen-outs do happen. This normally means this survey isn’t relevant to you or the quota for a survey has already been filled. Don’t worry though, every time you are screened out, you will be entered into our monthly lottery to win a £50 voucher!

  • Where are my surveys?

    As soon as a survey becomes available for you, you will receive a survey invite via. It will also be visible on the Profile & Surveys page after you log in, under the ‘Surveys’ heading.

  • I have completed MC+ but haven't received any points

    If you fully completed the survey then you should be due to receive the points in the next few days (we have to wait for our clients to confirm you definitely completed). If you still haven't received your points after 1 week, please do get in touch. For more information please check out our MC+ FAQs.

  • Why aren’t I receiving any surveys?

    Because of the nature of our surveys, not all of them will be right for you, which is why it can sometimes seem irregular. We advise updating your details regularly to make sure you are receiving survey invites which are as relevant as possible. More surveys are being sent out all the time so keep your eyes peeled (and check your junk in case they’re sent there) and hopefully we’ll have some for you soon.

  • What is the reward for finishing MC+?

    You can receive a total of up to 2000 points for completing MC+. The points are rewarded after you complete the first survey (500 points) and the final survey (1500 points) so overall you will receive the 2000 points.

  • I’m having technical issues with a survey

    Try another browser (that usually does the job) and if that doesn’t work, forward your survey invite to describing the issues you’re having. It can happen for a variety of reasons, and support will be able to help you out.

  • How often will I receive survey invites?

    This can vary, because we can’t invite all members to complete every survey. We use a sampling method where we select the required number of members based on their demographic profile (e.g. gender, year of study, course subject etc.) to make our survey representative of the population. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to predict how often you will be contacted. We make every effort to contact our panellists fairly and we’re running more and more surveys all the time!

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